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Body cosmetics

Proper care for clean and healthy skin is an essential procedure for women and men who care about their health and want to prolong the youth of the skin of their hands, feet and body. Among the main components of a mandatory body care kit, cosmetologists note a good hand cream, lotion or moisturizer for the body, as well as a nourishing body scrub.

Hand skin care begins with washing in warm water, followed by the mandatory procedure of softening and nourishing with a good hand cream that can deeply moisturize and restore the skin.

Ejeni body cosmetics are based on natural ingredients, and therefore can provide gentle and effective care to normal, sensitive or dry skin. Ejeni hand creams are based on mink fat, which can quickly heal and restore the skin, and the addition of natural oils and extracts enhances the smoothing effect and deeply saturates all layers of the skin with moisture and nutrients.

Restorative creams have an anti-inflammatory effect, even out tonality of the hands and body, preventing skin pigmentation, reduce moisture loss and stimulate metabolic processes in the epidermis and dermis.

Nourishing body scrubs carefully exfoliate dead particles, deeply cleanse and narrow the pores, and the oils that make up the creams soothe the skin after the cleaning procedure.

The use of Ejeni cosmetics gives elasticity and rejuvenates the skin, protects it and increases the ability to retain moisture.