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Creams for hand and body

Hand, neck and body care is a necessary daily procedure to maintain health and beauty. Experts recommend washing your hands only with warm water, while you should not actively use soap and other products that dry your skin. It is necessary to periodically do moisturizing procedures using nutritious lotions or milk, and you must also apply a good hand cream.

hand creamHands are most susceptible to the negative effects of our active lifestyle and the aggressive influence of the environment, so caring for them is a priority to prolong youth and level premature skin aging.

Ejeni Moisturizing Hand Cream contains plant extracts of CO2, which are natural antioxidants that perfectly tone and soothe the skin. The active elements and essential oils included in the composition reduce moisture loss, stimulate and normalize metabolic processes.

Ejeni produces the best hand cream that improves elasticity and smoothes the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the regeneration of the dermis.

Like our hands, our body needs good care and care. Even normal skin needs constant nutrition and hydration, which prolongs youth and preserves health.

Dry skin will not bring discomfort if you regularly use a moisturizing body cream. Owners of very dry skin need to use a moisturizer with active nutrients that will eliminate excessive dryness and deeply saturate the tissues with moisture. Essential oils contained in a moisturizer for the body, effectively restore the structure of tissues and activate intercellular metabolism.

Ejeni creams have a pleasant texture and a neutral smell of plant extracts. The composition of Ejeni hand and body cosmetics includes natural ingredients that carefully take care of the skin and have the maximum healing effect.